We believe that every individual has the potential to become a successful person in this world.  Success can be defined in so many different ways and you will find differing opinions on what success really means.  Our organization is focused on some of the more serious problems that affect inner city youth in this country, including high obesity rates, high crime rates and high school dropout rates.  These issues are very serious to the growth and development of these children and they severely limit opportunities. We believe that a successful person will demonstrate the following traits and this is what we promote at DRIVE 2 Succeed.

-Determination: willpower, purpose, resolve

-Respect: admiration, deference, appreciate

-Integrity: honesty, reliability, honor

-Values: morals, principles, ideals

-Excellence: quality, merit, brilliance


-Physical activity levels in New Haven County are the LOWEST level in the state

-New Haven has one of the HIGHEST crime rates in the America compared to all communities of all sizes

27% of New Haven Public School students drop out of school


41% of students who do graduate do not enroll in higher education